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No visible bulb blown - but warning in the dash (E83 2007)

EDIT - replacing the blown rear right lower brake Light did NOT solve it...:
It was as simple as one of the normal rear brake lights. When I previously inspected myself against a large supermarket window I did not notice that the car is so smart that it uses one of the rear fog (and also panic brake) lights if the brake light bulb is blown. So much for tearing down the tail lid and checking all bulbs at the back. I did check the brake light bulb but failed to see that is had gone. When I checked again by backing up to a large window I saw that the brake light was assymretrical. Case closed and one hour wasted

Now I have the same problem. I saw this a long while ago when the bulb holder for one of my two rear fog lights had been a bit burnt where the bulb socket meets the holder. Scratched that away and was all good. Now 1 years later I *think* I have checked all bulbs but still have a warning.

The following bulbs are working:
2x high beam lights
2x low beam lights
2x front fog lights
6x turn signals around the car
2x white reverse lights
2x rear fog lights (in EU they are next to the reverse lights on the lid)
2x registration plate lights

  1. How can I test the panic brake Light - just sit still and brake all I can?
  2. Are the panic lights an extra set of own bulbs only used for panic brake illumination?
  3. Does the warning Light only react to exterior lights? I have not gone through the interior but think all are working.

Really appreciate some input. Very close to buying a China OBDII reader now... Hate to take it to a shop for a light bulb.

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