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Originally Posted by Elk View Post

Where does he get this nonsense?

I still want to know what car is Scarlett Johanson to the Corvette's Betty White.

Seriously, BJ, you need to get out more. Stand up and back away from your laptop, put on a pair of trousers to cover up your tighty-whities and go see what the world has to offer.
Look, I don't live in the heartland of America. I've never seen a wheat field or a rice farm, I don't know where they raise cows or harvest grain. So if in Iowa or Montana the Corvette is considered a delicacy that would be beyond my frame of reference.

What I can tell you living here in New York City is that I would be lucky to see one Corvette a month, and when I do its driven by someone who looks like my grandfather. May he rest in peace. It's a car we make fun of here in the big city; apologies to the citizens of Kansas if there it is otherwise.

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