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Originally Posted by jfox335i View Post
Just got back from the show in Philly. Was a good time, but as expected didn't see a whole lot in the way of concept. The 2014 cayman was beautiful, I really like how the style of this car has evolved. BMW showcase was meh. The M5 is nice, the seat in the M5 is to die for. BMW really does have the greatest seats. I can take or leave the M6 gran coupe. There wasn't a whole lot to see at BMW, and their area was pretty small. Seemed like the M6, M5, and the 335ix M-sport were garnering the most attention.

First time I've seen the F30 335 in estoril blue. Nice color, makes me wish I had held out for one, or just ordered one. Had a 6spd too. I wouldn't want one of these auto show cars though. Kids get in there and work the shifter like they think they're Vin Diesel.

I was impressed by the Volvo C30. Looks like it would be a good DD. I've never really paid much attention to Volvo, but this one was nice. I liked the Ergonomics on the inside, seat was comfortable, felt like I had good space, and the 6spd just from The feel of it, felt like it had some quality. Good price too. I haven't heard this one mentioned here before, is this a 3-series competitor. I would think so. Seemed like a better option then the ATS(blah). Was also disappointed Infiniti didn't have the Q50 on display.

Some nice GT-Rs in the DUB showcase. A couple of bimmers, unimpressed with the M6 and 650i, way too over customized for my tastes, and those deep dish rims are hideous. The E46 M3 on display was stunning. Had one car there, looked like on old vette, but the swoop was in the front and back. Can't recall the name, but was a sharp looking classic car. 1903 coach was charming. Told my 5 yr old son it was older then his grandfather, and he looked at me with big eyes and said "even older then Mommy??" Hilarious. His mother didn't find it quite as funny.
Sounds like something my son would have said at the time around the same age.

The wheels on some of those cars and SUVs in the lower section were HUGE! Were some of them like 30s? There was also a real nice Harley that was for sale, but I stayed away because I'd no doubt get killed trying to head back to the suburbs from Philly.

One thing I noticed made me laugh. There was some detailer who advertised on numerous cars trying to show how great his work is. The only problem was, that they all had scratches and swirls on their paint surfaces. I guess he probably is a detailer for a local car dealer!

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