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Question looking at my first service

Hi all,

I have previously done all the servicing on my last car, changing brakes, oil, tyres, coolant, spark plugs etc. However that was a glorified astra, now I have a BMW 320D MSport 57 at 54K. And after having it for a few months and after its previous history / the cars countdown clock, its needing a service shortly.

Now here are a few things I think have to do;

Oil Filter
Air Filter ?
Vortex oil breather ?
Remove swirl flaps?
Timing chain ?
Coolant ?
- Brakes pads/discs are good (changed them recently)
- Tyres new recently - Michelin sp2
- glow plugs (been told not to bother until 100k)

Now here are my questions...

Air filter?
Euro carparts list one (none oiled) for 5 cheaper than a stock, k&m flat filter of fleabay and Im thinking the K&M will last longer. But Im worried about the oil incase it effects the maf sensor (if it has one), which I have heard it can be a problem (see mightycarmods on youtube)?

vortex oil breather?
Ive read this is a common problem for the turbos? using the older tech (toilet roll?) and bmw came up with a new way to stop them getting clogged ? Am I correct in saying this or been on to much pepsi max ?

remove swirl flaps?
From chatting to people , Ive been told this is a common problem and to remove them straight away am I correct in doing so ?also Ive been told use a blanking plate ?

Timing Chain ?
This is certainly something I would never do! but from what Ive been told again.... some cars do need it changing and others dont, but always check it for stretching or wear. If so how do I check and what signs to look out for ? or if it does when does it need to be changed ?

None of its previous history of my car lists coolant changing from memory, when should this be changed and is this like oil, a bmw specified one or what ?

Glow Plugs?
Can anyone confirm what Ive been told is right.

Finally anything else ?

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