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Missing German roads
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Looks like we are going to cut Jungfraujoch , Nuremburg, Ulm and Hotel Romantik off the driving portion but we will still stop by to visit our friends at Nuremburg and see Ulm Munster via the train rides down. That saves 9 hours of driving, about 500 miles and makes the schedule flow much better, now about 27 hours and 1300 miles in 8 days. Thanks for the tips, I'm sure i'll miss going to Jungfraujoch but my father and sister weren't too interested and I'll probably go there on another trip with my wife (She wants to do Paris, Rome, and take the Chunnel over to London so Jungfraujoch will be a nice stop between Paris and Rome during that Euro Rail trip).

I was bored last night so I pulled out google spreadsheet and started marking out times between places, open times of museusm, and so on. Then I hit a big snag when looking up hotels in Hamburg.

I am not sure what is going on but I can't find a hotel with a rating over 7/10, holds 3 people, isnt sold out, and under $500. I can find hotels all over our route for $120-$180 for 8/10+, breakfast, nice rooms, wifi and many with breakfasts but the may 10th-12 weekend in Hamburg is insane. Outside that weekend rooms currently at $500 are $180. If anyone knows of a hotel in Hamburg under $250 I'm all ears but I think we'll have to take the train out of Hamburg and stay in someplace, maybe Hanover (I could find nice rooms here under $200), but where to stay is an unknown since i'm not familiar with the area.
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