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Originally Posted by cmac2012 View Post
Oh really? You got a legal statute backing that up?

Un-bleeping-believable. You guys ought to get a room. How would you feel if someone you loved were killed by a driver falling asleep at the wheel? Mightn't you wonder if that person had had an ounce of sense they would have found a parking lot and taken a brief nap? I'm often amazed at how much difference a ten minute nap makes. If I get one of those 'beginning to nod off' feelings when driving I don't hesitate. I get off the freeway, recline the seat and take a nap. Damn it feels good. Waaaaaay better than that feeling of fighting to stay awake while driving.

And who knows what the lady was doing in the parking lot. Maybe her son had an appointment at the doctor nearby and they were early. It is of course unclear what happened. Maybe she was an ass from the git go maybe she wasn't. Still the borderline perverted love affair that diesel PU owners have with their GDed sanctified engines is a trip. Get over yourselves people. We listen to our engines for long enough out of the day on the highway. Uno mass, por favor:

Yeah, turn the GDed thing off, wanker boy!

The only guaranteed rights you have are in the constitution. Show me a law that says no idling of a diesel engine in a public parking lot in the daytime...

Good luck with that.

I dont see a connection to how I would feel if a relative was killed by a sleeping driver and this video. I know what a 10 minute nap makes. I've driven 18 hours straight through with naps every 4-5 hours. I didnt go to truck stops though, because I knew there would be idling diesel engines. Whats next, you're gonna say no to that too?

I'm not one to cause road rage, nor am I the first to make a confrontation. But I usually end the confrontation. In this case, had I been the diesel truck driver, I would have been polite and said go mind your own business for the first time. After that I would have backed up to her Prius, locked my doors and let the coal fricken roll, then leave. You wanna be a bitch to me? Fine. Dont be pissed when I'm a dlck to you then
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