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Originally Posted by drive by72 View Post
The only guaranteed rights you have are in the constitution. Show me a law that says no idling of a diesel engine in a public parking lot in the daytime...

Good luck with that.

I dont see a connection to how I would feel if a relative was killed by a sleeping driver and this video. I know what a 10 minute nap makes. I've driven 18 hours straight through with naps every 4-5 hours. I didnt go to truck stops though, because I knew there would be idling diesel engines. Whats next, you're gonna say no to that too?

I'm not one to cause road rage, nor am I the first to make a confrontation. But I usually end the confrontation. In this case, had I been the diesel truck driver, I would have been polite and said go mind your own business for the first time. After that I would have backed up to her Prius, locked my doors and let the coal fricken roll, then leave. You wanna be a bitch to me? Fine. Dont be pissed when I'm a dlck to you then
Oh jeez. So the constitution guarantees you the right to idle your engine whenever you feel like it? This is not a matter of law, it's a matter of common decency.

You said 'no right to a nap in a parking lot.' What nonsense. It's not a matter of right, it's a matter of common sense. I'd much rather a driver take a nap than drive while sleepy. Can be as bad as driving drunk. This incident didn't take place at a truck stop.

The lady stated that she asked politely and they laughed at her. Who knows, but wouldn't surprise me. Their daughter has allergies and needs to sleep in a space with AC powered by a diesel with hundreds of foot pounds of torque? Oh please. We are WAY too in love with our vehicles in this land. They are a tool, not a lover. The guy's printed remarks in the vid make it clear that he's among the ranks of self-infatuated diesel geeks. I own two BTW, a Mercedes 300SD and a Grumman with a 6.2 GM.

Telling her to mind her own business would be polite?!? It WAS her business. Being polite would have been going somewhere else or turning off the engine.
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