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Originally Posted by wyb View Post
I don't think you listened to the video - the driver said they have horses. You need to listen and comprehend before you get all high and mighty about being a "real working man".

Besides which, wgas who has "more right" to drive a diesel pickup... have you listened to yourself? It seems like a reallllllly absurd argument cmac.
Yeah, I heard about the horses. So he has horses and therefore can't turn his diesel off. More wear and tear on the engine and batteries.

I've been at fairs up the hills, trying to sleep in my tent only to have some fool turn on his engine and idle it for a half hour or more cuz he's like cold and stuff. Holy crap, one of my few chances to sleep in the incredible quiet of the back country and some nimrod has to idle his engine. I'm not talking diesel, just an average gas auto and the noise is like getting crapped on. I don't hesitate any more. I tell them to shut it off or take it a few miles away from where people are camping and I've not been ignored yet.
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