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Lightbulb RE: White Smoke at idle

Originally Posted by e66fan View Post
Hello, I'm new to this appears that there are many members that know quite a bit about the cars we drive.

I own a 2006 750iL with 118,000. I took the car to get it smog checked and the car was runing great, no smoke or any other issues. When the smog technitian put the car on the dyno and reved up the engine to run the smog test and once he stoped the reving of the engine, I noticed a cloud of smoke that came out of the tail pipe.

Since then, I have noticed that the car will release a cloud of somoke every once in a while. It doesn't do it constantly, it happens every once in a while. Since this began happening, I have noticed that the car oil level drops and I have to add a quart of oil at least every 3 weeks.

I took the car to the dealer and they told me that the problem has to do with the "Engine Valves Guides". They said that these cars, once the mileage reaches 100K, that the engine heads need to be repaired.

My question is, has anyone out there experienced this type of problem with smoking and engine oil loss? Any idea what needs to be done? Is the dealer telling me the truth?

Please advise.

Hello. I'm in Atlanta area, have a 2003 BMW 745Li with only 82k that I love, and owe on...haha. Experiencing the white smoke at idle issue, yes, I know, its the Valve Stem Seals passing oil thru the exhaust.
So...after conferring with my mechanic associates (I'm in the car biz) and reading these informative posts, I have found the 'Dirty Little secret #745' of the BMW shop manual.
As a good handfull of 7 Series owners have related, they're had the Valve Stem Seals replaced by BMW dealerships at anywhere from $4800. to $6500.. am I correct, posters?
I'm certain thats a thorough process...removing the entire engine, pulling the heads, all to replace these little Seal rings. Sounded too bad to be true. Especially in my case, as there are no other leaks or issues.
Well, there is another workaround, please correct or confirm if you're truly knowlegeable. An Indy or off-the-clock BMW tech can use compressed air (using a hose & fitting threaded for the spark plug hole) to bring up the valve stems so they're accessable, and they pull each one and replace, without removing the heads or the engine. See KeifR's Excellent Flickr Photo detail of the process...awesome pics. According to my sources, the replacement seals are superior to the Original ones, anyone know if that's a fact? I've seen the compressed air fitting, I have a former BMW Shop tech who confirms that this is the 'workaround', and he can perform it in 8-10 hours at his home shop, as opposed to 40-50 BMW Shop Labor Hours. we're talking less than $1000. as opposed to over $4500. I am going to let him do it and promise to post my results here for everyone to read. Feel free to correct or confirm, or tell the Forum that I dont know what the hell I am talking about, haha, I'm sure you all will! But, I've done my homework, and I must try it, don't have $5000. to invest in the issue, anyway. Good luck to all, feel free to message me for info. Thanks
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