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Originally Posted by Supercourse View Post
awdrev lucks out on that - no valvetronic on the 2004's M54 engine.

OFHG leaks I don't think will provide any clues to the nose.
The drips just accumulate on the plastic underbody shield until they reach a point where they find a hole in the plastic to drip on the ground.

If VCG leaks start at the rear half-moons it might be quite a time before any accumulation reaches where it can drip onto the exhaust manifold.
But being so close to the cabin air intake I would think the smell of (unburnt) oil might be noticeable before then.

For the Oil Separator I would just rely on how the underside of the oil filler cap looks, and checking the hoses for it when doing a OFHG - or anything involving serious removal of lower intake components.
Good points. This leaves everything but the cover gasket as the perpetrator for the smell.... I will check closer but I did not notice any leaks when I took the engine covers off.

I will be replacing the OFHG prob within the next two months or so, I just gotta find the time. What do you think about doing the OFHG and also replacing the CCV as well?

I figured since I'll be half way there, I might as well continue and get to it and replace it. That'll give me some peace of mind but I typically avoid trying to fix anything that is NOT broken....
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