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Hmm, I bought a couple of new W16W 16W light bulbs from my BMW dealer. I replaced the blown one first - no succes. Then the second brake light one as well and still the warning light comes on. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

I have gone over the two rear turn signal bulbs, brake light bulbs and the fog/panic light bulbs and checked for corrosion. All looks good, even the fog light which seat was burnt 1 years ago.

One thing I am thinking about is if it possible to force the panic light on? I am unable to get the red lights which are used as fog lights here in Sweden to light up by pressing really hard on the brake.

Question: Can you get your panic brake lights light up by pressing the brakes hard at stand still?

At the moment I can only turn them on by pressing the rear fog light switch.

Another EDIT:
Now I found the culprit. I totally overlooked the parking lights. When I turned them on there is no light on my front right. It uses the same bulb as the turn signal - which is working... Should I be looking at fuses now or just replace the bulb?

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