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Originally Posted by Supercomputers View Post
Wow lots of time on your hands to take the time out to correct auto correct or typos typed on a phone on a car forum.

Let me guess your pimping that 335 every day and feel special.
You then note..."Let me guess your pimping your 335."

This is called a run-on sentence, apart from which it's "you're," so you can't hide behind Auto Correct, Spell Check, typos, your cell phone or whatever.

In addition, it's "that's," and it's "you're."

I don't feel I'm special in any way whatsoever, unless wondering why the suicide rate among English teachers isn't higher sets me apart. Perhaps if we paid teachers (I'm not one, by the's just that I appreciate mine) what NBA players are paid and vice versa, we wouldn't be in quite the academic mess we're in today.

I have an X3. My wife has a 335d. Both stock. Nothing pimped. Nothing special about me or them, above and beyond the wonderful cars they are. I do follow posts. It's just that when I see, for example, "I own to many car's," instead of "...too many cars," it's maddening.



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