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I've been in the Houston area for a few years now. I'm happy with Kuhos Ecsta 4X from Discount Tires. I'm not looking for super performance tires on my 144K miles '01 330i with sports package. Discount Tires is very good at doing the little things, like free rotation, balance, air pressure, at least from the Friendswood store. I caught their $100 off Labor Day special a day late, but they gave it to me anyway without having to send in a form for reimbursement. Four tires, balanced, new stems, installation was $495 out the door. 225/45R17XL 94W and 245/40R17 91W.

You can say I am a happy camper with them.

BTW, I asked them to inflate to 37 front 44 rear in my 997 Turbo, and my OBC displays those pressures dead on, so I assume their inflation is accurate.
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