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Originally Posted by dgkfl View Post
Just as a point of reference on other BMW's, as I said buried in my first post, the 335d has occasional turbo lag, but very minor tip-in delay. Another way of saying that is throttle response (aside from the turbo lag) is linear and predictable, if not outstanding.

The X3 35i has a specific problem related to tip-in. It was worse before the software update, but still happens. This is felt as an inability to predict how the car will respond when you press the accelerator from rest. It is especially noticeable when traveling on a street with a number of stop signs. It is improved in S mode but still not eliminated.

So: in the 335d, I know how the car will respond to my throttle inputs; in the X3, from rest, I do not. If the X1 is also like that (I suspect it is), it's very discouraging.
Good description, that is exactly what I experienced in my test drive with the X3 35 m sport, it also would have sporadic jerky downshifts (all in manual mode) I would say that based on my X1 28 test drives the tip in issue is the same but not as pronounced as the X3 which really surged whereas the X1 35 with the 6 speed sounds like it is akin to your 335d

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