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Originally Posted by mr_clueless View Post
I think it is well deserved. They did not succumb to cost cutting like BMW and MB, and unlike the Japanese makers, they have an excellent lineup of engines (but BMW is better there).

If their cars were a bit more reliable/dependable, they would have overtaken BMW. Right now, almost any Audi owner I talk to says they loved the car but got rid of it before it got out of warranty because of the number of issues that they faced during warranty.

I would be really tempted to try an S4 if I heard more people vouching for its reliability.
I have to say that Audi does have its share of issues and out of warranty repairs are at times extremely costly while usually simply costly. With all manufacturers trying to stay ahead and using the latest and greatest technology while shortening product life cycles - it comes as no surprise. Take the whole carbon buildup issue Audi imposed on their customers for example. But it seems that no high-end vehicle is problem-proof these days. Audi, BMW and MB are all guilty. Yet... the heart wants what the heart wants. I was shooting for the M3 but I wanted a V8 and at the same time did not want to buy right before the replacement arrived (not even being able to see it) and then my teenage years fantasy was finally available in the US and besides being an RS it was also the gorgeous 5. I was sold. A month after taking delivery the car still makes me grin like an idiot every time I get behind the wheel. As a total package the car is very very good. Will I keep it after 4 years? Time will tell. Right now I average a thumbs-up from fellow motorists every 15 minutes I'm on the road and that makes the whole experience even better.

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