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Originally Posted by Hagen21 View Post
Ok so all setting one of the buttons does is bring you to a specific point in the favorites. If you don't care where in the favorites you are then the radio button will basically do the same thing. DO I have that right?
Yes and no. Think of it this way:

Wherever the 1-8 shortcut is set to tells iDrive what it is you're trying to view. And not just a station, but the source. So if a 1-8 shortcut is set up wrong, from two different sources instead of just from Presets, iDrive bounces you from Presets to AM and not back home again.

So if Button 3 is set to Preset > Sirius 20 on 20 iDrive thinks "this guy wants to view all of his Presets in one shot, ah, I'll let him do that on the HUD too".

And if Button 4 is set to Satellite > Sirius 20 on 20 iDrive thinks "this guy wants to view all of his Satellite stations in one shot, ah, I'll let him do that on the HUD too".

So as long as both the AM station and Satellite station shortcuts on your 1-8 buttons are originally memorized from the PRESETS menu, you can hit both buttons, back and forth, at will, and the HUD will always show the list of Presets in there.

But if you set your AM from the Presets and the Satellite station from the Satellite listing you are confusing iDrive into thinking that you're choosing between AM input and Satellite input instead of merely toggling two different stations on your Presets. So in your current setup, every time you tap your Satellite 1-8 key you are making iDrive think you are in Satellite mode, not Preset mode and it's doing two things:

1. Taking you out of Preset mode and throwing you into Satellite mode.

2. Ruining the 'retract Preset menu' trick which is the only way to get the Preset list to show up in the HUD to begin with.

If you must be able to toggle through every Satellite station on the HUD or on the LCD that's fine, just remember that your next move needs to be on the LCD to go to Presets, select one of the 40 stations, then tuck away the Presets listing on the LCD by the 'retract' method, and then go to the map or whatever and you're back with Presets in the LCD.

It is for this reason that I am judicious in choosing my 40 AM/FM/SAT stations in Presets so that 99% of the time I have no reason to ever navigate in the actual Radio menu on the LCD.


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