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That was an excellent find.

Removing the center panel to replace those lights isn't hateful.

Here's the Hayes manual for what it's worth, its zipped and in PDF:

If possible get your hands on the E30 manual by Bently Publishers, this is the one BMW used to sell. Another good one is the Chilton manual.

First gear should be snappy and quick to ~3K rpm and 15-20 mph. On a level empty road or parking lot stop your car and start it out in second gear to check for clutch slippage. You might try this in 3rd gear where you'll want the engine to stall; if it doesn't the clutch may be first on your list.

Here is the best place I know to look up BMW part numbers with parts diagrams! Plug the BMW part number in Google and hopefully it will cross it to OEM parts. This has worked well for me.
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