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Originally Posted by boltjaM3s View Post
Definitely a big factor with the non-enthusiast crowd, but a slightly different take:

Once someone realizes they can afford a BMW, it then boils down to how much you want to spend per month and whether the 5 or the 3 gives you what you need. I myself was expecting to move from my E90 into an F10 this past summer. Budgeted myself around $579 for the new ride. I didn't like what I had heard about the 328i becoming a four-cylinder car, and loved the look of the new 5.

But upon taking a test drive, I was surprised and shocked by what I had learned. The new 328i engine was a beast, and the 5 required i get a 35i and was way bigger than I needed. The slight growth in body dimensions on the 3 made it perfect for my family, and the lower base price meant I could add more options on a 328i as opposed to a stripped down 535i.

The typical non-luxury car observer wouldn't know the difference between the 3 and 5 if you put a gun to their head. The only people that know the differences are luxury car aficionados who now can tell that I am in a Luxury line 3 not a stripped 5. BMW's strategy seems to be very clear; offer the same car in several different sizes And let the customer decide what fits. No different than buying a new Armani suit.

I actually tried this, and I found out that, when one puts a gun to someone's head, and demands that they distinguish a 535 from a 335, they invariably are able to, as long as they get a view from the rear. The view from the front is too similar, true, but the view from the rear is different enough that they can tell.

I tried this on at least a dozen people.

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