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Almost a week with my F30

I have been mostly lurking on these boards for the last 6 months or so as I researched getting a new car. I learned a ton from you guys and it made getting the car extremely simple. I have never known so much about a car before. I thought I would give my initial impressions and maybe help out someone who is at the point I was all those months ago. I picked up the car 6 days ago and I have almost 400 miles on it. This is my first BMW so I cannot help those of you trying to compare it to prior models.

After much deliberation I went with the following build:

2013 328xi, sport line, MG/EG, ZCW, ZDH, ZLP, ZPP, ZTP, rearview camera, pdc, HK. I guess you could say I couldn't stop clicking boxes.

What strikes me most about it is that it is really like having three different cars. I have the DHP and since I didn't do any extensive driving with a car without it I can't say how much that plays into this but each mode is very different (more so than I thought they would be).

Eco Pro - It is almost like driving a huge golf cart in eco pro. There is no power at all. I will not use it driving around town. I did use it on the highway at cruising speed and it was fine. It said I saved about 5 miles on a 100 mile trip using it about 50% of the time. I am not sure that is even worth it though. If you need to do a lot of passing this mode would be no good. I had to set it so it did not change the climate control so I am losing a lot of the benefit right there. I need air blowing on my face while I drive. All in all a nice idea, but I doubt I will use it much.

Comfort - This is great for every day driving. Very smooth comfortable ride. If this was the only mode it would still be a good car. But put it to Sport and you can feel the personality of the car change. The car is super fast and takes turns like it is on rails. There is no doubt I am going to get speeding tickets in this car. Touch the gas pedal and you are gone. There have been so many times I look down at the speedometer and can't believe how fast I am going. I have so much fun driving in sport mode. And I have been taking it easy during the break in period. The car has so much more to give and even with that I am having a ball driving it. I will probably stick to comfort in everyday situations but whenever I get some clear road with some twists I am definitely hitting that sport button. The sport mode suspension seems tighter but not too harsh. I think I could ride around all the time in sport mode and be comfortable doing it. I assume it kills gas mileage though. I will monitor this and see if I can figure out the difference in mpg.

The cabin while not silent is certainly quiet enough for me. I can understand what people are saying about the sound of the 4 cylinder engine but it is not a big deal to me. The car is plenty fast and that is all that matters to me.

Steering - As I said first BMW so I have not run into the problem many others have. The car goes exactly where I want it to so it is ok by me. This is not to discount anyone's opinion I just cannot comment on it.

HUD - First time I have had a car with anything like this. It is awesome. I don't think I have looked at the regular speedometer yet. I love having the NAV directions on there. It is also great to have the radio stations and telephone contacts on there too. I doubt I will ever be able to have a car without one again.

Navigation - I never really considered not getting this but I know a lot of people say that they can get better service from their phones. They may be right but for me you simply can't beat the convenience of having it integrated into the car. The fact that it shows up in the HUD makes it a no brainer to me. Sending an address to the car is very simple whether it be by the app or on Google maps. Question - is there a way to get the street you are currently on to show at the bottom of the screen? All other NAV's I have had have done this but I cannot figure out a way to do it.

Headlights - They look awesome. I don't really see much of an improvement in light but again they look awesome. It seems like the passenger side light projects out farther than the driver side light. Is this by design or do I need to have them adjusted?

ASS - It doesn't bother me as much as it bothers most people. I wish they had done a better job with it but for now I am giving it a chance. If I can't live with it I will have it coded. So far I have not turned it off. I have not stalled or anything like that. There is a slight jerk when it starts up again but most of the time it is not noticeable. One time I had the window down and the sound did startle me then so I assume it sounds a little funny to anyone outside of the car.

HK - Songs from my iPhone sound awesome. I changed the settings to those on another thread and it really sounds good. I have yet to set up a beater iPod so the iPhone was just to test it out. I have been mostly listening to Sirius and FM. I don't know if it is my imagination but I think the HK makes Sirius sound worse than it did on my old car's system. Is it possible that the better system accentuates the flaws in Sirius's sound? I have not tried a CD yet so I can't comment on that but I assume it will sound very good. If there was one thing I maybe could have done without it was this. I like the variety of Sirius and I listen to sports talk sometimes too. So I probably won't get enough out of the HK to make it worth it.

Sports Seats - I think they are very comfortable. I was on a 2 hour drive with some traffic and I felt fine. I debated for a long time sport vs. luxury because I liked the saddle brown interior. In the end my wife and kids really didn't like the color and since the sport line appealed to me anyway I went with it. My CA said the Everest interior isn't very common. I love it. I think the contrast of the dark grey on the outside and the light grey on the inside is wonderful.

So far not too many complaints other than possibly ASS. Again I don't hate it as much as everyone else but I am far from sold on it yet. I am sure I am in a honeymoon period and I will find some stuff to complain about but so far so good.

This site is the best. Thanks to everyone for their help. I even bought the car from a board sponsor and the whole transaction could not have been easier.
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