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Originally Posted by Red Lined View Post
Ok, bear with me I'm only a medical student and not an MBA. I'm sorry, but I still don't see how this new model makes any sense. Granted there is only one thing more boring to me than thinking about lease payments for an old guy's even older mother (and that would be the three pages of gram positive and gram negative bacteria I have to memorize). But let's see now:

The $38,595 320 is ~$439 a month.
The $42,645 328 is ~$486 a month

When you're already paying ~$17,000 to lease a car for three years, what is another $1,700 more? I just don't see it. Was it really worth BMW rolling in yet another model just to cut the lease price 10%?

i love it when people make the "hey what is $X more gonna matter". well... what is another $1700 more.... its $1700!

exactly. thats exactly what $1700 is. now i wouldn't buy a 320i , i wanted m-sport , i wanted a little more power whatever. but people said the same thing about buying a 328i vs a 335. "why not get the 335i for $4000 more" or whatever. well, because i'd have $4000 left.

i mean the 320i is just another option and for some people itll be the right option. a lot of people buy the 3 series because its a good car. it has good electronics, they like the design, they are a badge whore and like how having a BMW makes them feel about themselves no matter how misguided that is. as far as i've seen the vast vast majority of F30s i've seen have 17: rims. so i'd assume the vast majority of people do not care if they have a "line" like sport/lux/modern. if people just want to pay a little more to get a 320i over say an accord i-4 EX-L then they get those buyers. i mean in the end the cost difference is something like $6k and you get free maintenance and you get RWD. hell if it was all i could spend i'd probably do it too.

i mean if your goal was getting a car witht he latest technology, you wanted it to be reasonably fast (And 0-60 in 7 seconds is pretty fast , its faster than a lot of cars) and you did not care if you got anything more than this, then might as well save your $1700 right.
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