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I just had a set of new rear tires put on my car yesterday. And yes, believe it or not I bought NEW tires (rare for me). Just got tired of dealing with used stuff. I bought the Sumitomo HTZ P01 which is very different from what I usually buy in that it is a UHP "all season" tire (I usually buy summer only tires). I was worried but the price was too good to pass on (I am poor after all) at $316 out the door for 245/40/18's.

Tirerack has a good youtube video test of the tire and they get great reviews from consumer reports (not that I listen to them, again, this was more a price based purchase. I HAD to buy new tires and didn't have a choice). I haven't broken them in yet, but my 40 mile drive home proved a few things. 1. They are quiet and comfy on the road. 2. They seem responsive enough. 3. Very predictable.

I am going to buy a pair of fronts next week and then stiffen my suspension and give em a real test. But I'd say they are a great A/S option.

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