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Originally Posted by dogguyX3 View Post
" X3 35i

Carbon Black
Oyster Nevada
Fineline Wave Wood
M Sport Pack..."

I am going to order mine the same,
unless I can find one that way already.
Did you get every option? Looks like it.

Think I'll need to put together some serious
dog proof surfaces. My dod is neat and trained,
but the shedding is a contant battle.
White seats, black rugs. Well, we'll see...

You okay with the "hair" issues?

Good luck trying to find anything even close at a dealer... If you decide to order, you might want to check out prices in the DC metro market. You would think prices would be better in Baltimore, but that has not been my experience. I've been dealing with Passport for a few years and they have been excellent - happy to hook you up, if you want to go down this path.

Concerning shedding - I have long given up trying to figure that one out - I am just vigilant about doing a thorough once over every week to stay in front of the hair - as you know - the benefits of taking your GSD everywhere with you far out weigh the costs.

So - you are doing a CB 3.5 M Sport with Oyster - I salute your great taste, but
this could get confusing if we should find ourselves competing at the same Schutzhund trials - I guess the only way we will be able to tell them apart is that yours will have a Raven's bumper sticker while mine will be sporting a Redskins sticker.
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