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Originally Posted by Jamesonsviggen View Post
What does it matter, just compare MSRP's as it lacks variables that muddy up comparisons. Base to base is $37k vs $33k.

Fairly different...the reason


RWD vs FWD changes the whole design and construction of a car.

Look at where the weight is carried on a FWD car while a 3 series allows for a design thats nets 50/50 weight balance.

I have driven great handling FWD cars. But they almost always have to come with the caveat...for FWD.

The Accord(going to drive one on Saturday as a new car for my M-I-L) and I expect for it to be a well made, good driving and solid car. But its inherent design/architecture keeps it from being a proper sports/sporty sedan. This is also often true of FWD cars given an AWD variant, same issues apply.
We are on the BMW forum so obviously a bias is expected. But really, drive that Accord on Saturday and report back. I think you yourself will be surprised.

Just a disclaimer, I haven't driven an Accord in years. But recently I have had an opportunity to drive a couple of new model full sized sedans as rentals, like the Malibu and I have to say I was impressed. Of course they were no BMWs but they didn't cost as much either. I suspect the differences between a high end Accord and entry level 320i are diminishing.
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