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Originally Posted by karM View Post
I had the same issue with the auto shift knob being loose. I could rotate it about 15 degrees left or right. It didn't affect the functionality. This was not an issue with the actual shifter, rather just the shift knob, but made it feel cheap. So, taking
spoonerDee's post on how to dissemble the knob[/URL], I figured out it was because an inside plastic tab was broken off. Then, I simply super glued another plastic piece in it's place and now it's as solid as new!

*Notice the size my yellow replacement tab.It's actually larger than the original tabs, and that causes a slight problem where the button not to spring open all the way. It still works, but my button only presses in about half of what it originally did. Maybe if I get up the motivation, ill try to get it back out and shave it down by about 40%. If you make yours closer to the original tab size, then I wouldn't expect you to have this issue, as minor as it is.
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