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If the 3 available is in better condition and has lower mileage, that's certainly a selling point. Since it's you neighbor, you'll probably know the car's history and how he maintains his vehicles and so on. What year is the 3 BTW? Mileage?

But I don't think it's a question of a safer choice though. Just saying, you can't look at it like I'm going to have definitive/ certain problems with a 6 over a 3.

I had the exact same concerns as you in purchasing, as it's my daily driver as well. After browsing the forums and reading about the common issues, it almost scared me into not buying it. Basically, convinced myself that I'm going to have guaranteed issues. Like this is going to happen here and that is going to fail when I hit so many miles and so on. But I'd say proper maintenance and low mileage are the two most important things when looking at 6ers. But all BMW's are going to be expensive to maintain and the repair bills will mirror each other. Like greco said, it's built into the price. Just depends on how well the car has been maintained.

In terms of quality, from my experience, there is no question, the 6 destroys the 3. You'll see that when you get behind the wheel of each. And then as you blow by a 3 on the highway, leaving behind nothing but the faint sight of the active LED taillights and the sound of its throaty V8 exhaust lingering in the air, as cruel reminder to the guy in the 3 saying to himself, I should have bought the 6!

In terms of reliability, I can't really say yet. But I find it hard to believe that the 6 is that much more riskier than a 3. My 3 was no pillar of reliability, had more problems with that car than any other. Maybe I'll eat my words in the future, but right now it was a no brainer in my mind. One test drive sealed the deal for me and there was no going back. Honestly, after driving the 6, I can't ever see myself in another 3, it's like two different worlds.

Coincidently, I just started looking into buying my girlfriend a 3 hardtop vert. Since I got my 6, she keeps saying how much she misses her 3 that she traded in last year. I keep telling her to drive mine, but she won't because she says the iDrive screen is annoying...huh? Finally, got her to drive it once at least and she said its not as bad as she thought. Really want to get her a new 4, which is probably what I'll do, of course I'll want to drive it all the time though!

So was doing some research on the 3 for her yesterday and started looking over some old repair bills from mine. Didn't realize how much I spent keeping that car on the road. When I hit 100k miles, it went to hell. Over a 2 year period, spent well over 10k. The car only had 23k miles on it and got a great deal at 22k, like 8k off asking price, pays to know people! Plus I had 3 years left on the CPO warranty. But that was long gone when the problems started. Bills went like $600, 400, 1200, 500, 1300...etc. Was shocked! Not including the transmission that went around 50k miles but was covered by the CPO. I put so much money in it and a minor accident totaled it. Even just got brand new tires on it, which pissed me off even more!

My friend just got rid of his 2005 3 series and he said he had nothing but problems with it. I think he had 130k on it. But than again, I have a friend that has 150k on his 2003 5 and he says it runs great and has been a tank. So it's a crapshoot. But the more miles you put on a BMW, the more problems, it's just the way it is. Read people on the board who automatically trade in or sell their car as soon as the warranty expires just over fear.

Anyway, not trying to sell you on the 6. Just saying don't be afraid of the car. Some people have problems, others don't, same thing with any car. Don't think you're automatically going have the same problems, like the car comes with a built in recall button.

I'm already planning my next car, it's going to be a brand new F12, 2014/15. Might even go for the M. I'm officially hooked on this car.

But my main advice is if you're sold on the 3, don't test drive the 6!

In any event whatever you decide, let us know how the 3 works out for you. Goodluck and happy hunting!

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