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Originally Posted by vst335is View Post
I don't see anything wrong with having both the snap-in adapter for when you do longer trips and the cable for city driving
Nor do I, but only if a) you listen to iTunes music only and don't need the nav or b) are a Facebook or Twitter hound and need to read content on the big screen.

I find that for short trips, trapping the iPhone in the armrest is a major annoyance as I don't see texts, can't hear text alerts, can't check my email. If I get a phone call, the app is stopped and I have to re-launch it again after the call is over. I keep my iPhone 5 in a bumper case, no way I want to remove that every time I want to snap it in the cradle.

And for long trips, I find that I'm using my nav for directions and even if I know the route like the back of my hand I want the nav for traffic alerts and re-routing.

So, for me, it boils down to charging. And for that I use the conveniently located power socket ahead of the cup holders, put a slim profile USB adapter in there under the door (closes perfectly) for those occasions where I need to charge my phone on the go. Keep a beater iPod in the armrest, problem solved. Get all my text alerts, can see Tweets on my iPhone screen, can listen to my 20,000 songs and have split screen and not lose my nav or traffic alerts either.

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