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Originally Posted by gjwilson View Post
What about red minivan having drunk driver careening off pole into blue car?
He was there for the tow truck getting in and out of his car. The police patrol car was there too. My guess he would be arrested if he was suspected to be drunk?

This is some 30' from the intersection (behind him). Possible that someone was doing a left turn into him maybe. We had a few similar crashes like that in the past. A few casualties a few years ago.

He has scratches on his driver side door panels, and his front fender is pushed in from the side. It doesn't look like it's the result of the front crash but something else.

It might have been something like this:
He's driving strait. The car coming from the opposite direction is trying to make a left turn and gets into his lane driving in. He has to swerve to his left to avoid it, but hits the corner of the car. Losing control and going strait into the parked car right in front of him, since he switched lanes to avoid a full head on collision with the turning car.
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