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Originally Posted by petriej View Post
Not to offend, but much of that is directly correlated to maintenance. In general, the I6 engines in the 3 series are less expensive to maintain than the V8 engines in the 6er. A poorly maintained 3 will be more expensive over the ownership period than a properly maintained 6er, though. My point was that in general, high mileage 6ers are NOT as well kept as high mileage 3s. There's a much larger base of people properly maintaining their 3s than there are 6ers. There are outliers in each. In my case, I found a nice gem, ~41k miles on my '04 6er and you could tell it was in great shape. My only issue was with the crankshaft position sensor, which I think was due to someone learning how to drive stick in the car. Metal shavings on the sensor...

Anyway, the choice is yours. In my opinion for most driving on public roads, the 6er is a league above many cars, even ones with 2x the MSRP... But for motorsports and reliability, the 3 series wins out.

If you're comfortable with a wrench, and you find a good 6er (read, well maintained), then go for it. You will not regret it.

No offense taken, I can see your point. I can't speak to other BMW's since I have never owned a 3 series for any other for that matter. You are correct in that if the car he buys has had the seals and common leak points fixed then he is good for a while. But if it is a used car dealer they will probably clean it up to hide the obvious signs of any leaks.

I am not sure the OP will be able to determine repair history for a car that is 7 to 8 years old and probably been through multiple owners. Unless they are one owner cars taken to BMW dealer it will be impossible to tell what the history is.

When I compare maintenance in the 6 I can only compare to what I know growing up and working on all my cars through high school/college/professional career. That is that simple maintenance tasks such as replacing spark plugs is a less than simple process. Certainly replacing valve cover and other gaskets are progressively more difficult for a DIY, which because the are difficult and time consuming, make them more expensive to have a shop repair.

So the bottom line is this, ask the question of anyone on this board who has had a 6 for a while, would you recommend someone to buy a 6 series with 125k miles on the premise that if maintained it will be problem free? I would think most would say NO, that is not realistic to expect. If he buys the car he will have to hope for the best and pray he doesn't get the worst! Even if it is well maintained, the chances of not having some type of failure in a 7/8 year old car is rare, and when something does fail it costs more than most cars to repair.

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