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2003 - Massive amounts of smoke, then engine died.

Just got my Z4 back from the dealership after some routine service (oil change, etc). Drove home last night with no problems, parked it outside (no garage) as normal. Started it up this morning in the bitter cold (about 10 degrees F.) without any problems, let it idle for 5 minutes or so while I took out the trash and dropped off a letter at the mailbox.

5 miles down the road, on the interstate, the car started spewing copious amounts of white smoke from the tailpipe. I was going about 70. Since I was near an exit, I immediately moved over and took the exit (less than 1/4 mile). The engine stalled out halfway down the ramp, and I coasted the car off the exit. The car was running maybe 30 seconds from when I noticed the smoke and the engine stalling.

On a quick inspection, there was no oil visible on the engine block, and a small amount of oil residue in the muffler. I checked the oil level, and it was effectively empty (not good).

So now the car is at the dealership again (thanks for the two hours in the cold waiting for a tow truck), and I am waiting to hear back about a root cause. I am assuming either A) the cold caused something to jam shut and blew oil back into the engine or B) the dealership forgot a step in the oil change and the oil all leaked out, somewhere I couldn't see it.

Considering the engine seized due to lack of oil, is the engine salvageable, or am I looking at a dead Z4?
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