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Originally Posted by Mirawho View Post
Hmmm.............. just finished this job yesterday so a couple of tips. I took a bit that was just slightly oversize of the guide hole on the starter and drilled it out. It made the fit snug but also able to push on with hand force. Next, as far as the starter itself. this was the second time replacing it for me. Last time I wanted to forget the operation. This time, I looked at it for a minute after dropping the skid plate. I went out and purchased a set of mini-flexhead ratcheting wrenches. The 10mm worked with the bolts. The wrench was the perfect length to be able to take out both bolts. The bottom was the fastest, the top a little harder as I had to reach over the top. But still, it was a dream compared to the last time. This way, you don't have to remove any part of your car except the bottom pan and plate and the vacuum canister. All good info posted here, though! Also, one of the best purchases any DIY'er can make is a set of long flat head screwdrivers with angled tips. They will pop out anything and have the length to make work easy. That is what I used to pop the old starter out.
You mean something like this?

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