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My front pads and rotors have gone over 100k mls (161.000km) and do not need replacement yet. The rear pads were replaced a few months ago but the rear rotors did not need replacement either.

I racked up an inordinate amount of mileage the last month, between driving to my parents' for Christmas, company training, and the fact that I live too far from my close friends which means weekend commutes to various parts of NC. The X3 is showing over 146,350mls (235k km), roughly 11k km in the past month alone which is ridiculous.

I'm also impressed as to the durability and build quality of the vehicle as a whole. Anyone who lives in the mountains knows that mountains are hard on cars, and while I don't live in the Rockies, my 2,5 litre engine sees a lot of work and so does the gearbox and transfer case doing hard duty up 6-8% gradients. The automatic gearbox is fantastic at adapting to changing gradients and driving styles (I love it when it gets real aggressive and holds gears to redline, and downshifts early under braking......) and the brakes and steering are crisp as ever. Well, I miss the summer tires but hopefully I can mount them back in 6-8 weeks or so.
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