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Originally Posted by senser View Post
While there is a sedan vs.touring. arguement; I tend to agree with a lot of the price bashers. While they do exaggeate often (like 6k for a mint 2001 540I), I find that it's mostly true. Only because of personal experience. I purchased my 2001 540i 6spd with every option and a full service history at a dealer auction for $6800. Got an inspection done and the stealership I went to only told me I needed new front trust arm bushings. So it's definately do-able to find one at a lower price. I just hope that goes for wagons too and the right buyer who is looking for that specific vehicle.
Yeah but you're talking as a buyer like "is it possible to get a deal"... Whether "it is possible to find a low priced bargain" vs "what the average offering price" is in the market are 2 different things... A seller shouldn't have to price at "whats the lowest possible price i could find this car for" which is what the bashers seem to think... And buying wholesale is def a different story than what the open market is trading at...

Im not trying to pump up prices BTW, just sayin theres that "price basher" crew as you say, and in my real hunting experience, very hard to find great solid wagons at low miles.

Your 540 sounds like a great deal btw. I tried to get a few "broker agent" type guys to search auctions for me for a 540 Sport Touring and none wanted to bother and claimed it would be a waste of time. Maybe a BMW specialist broker would have taken the job, i dunno... One guy constantly searches for V70R wagons so why he wouldn't look for a 540 for me i still don't quite get...
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