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Originally Posted by tturedraider View Post
Just fyi - So, the cost BMWNA charges the dealer for the warranty is about $1,300. If the dealer finds any relatively pricey repairs (very unlikely) that need to be done to bring the car to CPO standards don't be surprised if they add that cost to the $1,500 CPO price they've quoted you. Since the car has such low mileage they probably won't have to make any repairs and the only thing that will be required is the inspection.
Why would they add the cost of any repairs required to get it "certified" if he was already quoted $1,500 to get it certified? And it's not the "repairs" that are going be required (they would most likely be covered under the factory warranty) so much as wear and tear stuff that ordinarily might not be covered or included in a used car sale. Tires come to mind. If the car has over 17,000 it could well be two or four tires might be over the 50% wear limit. I'd also want to know if it was a service loaner or coming off a lease, the former being more likely to have been abused.
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