Thread: Z3 Roadster (E36/7) Looking for a hardtop
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The key word is 'vintage'! My Z3 is NOT vintage. It's a 12 year old used car. It's meant to be raced - driven till the wheels fall off, modified, lightened - have fun with. It's an affordable cheap sports car. At best for old men to piddle with over the weekend like MG's in the 50's(and look at those same MGTD prices today). Z3's will never be worth 'vintage' in any sense of the word simply because they built tons of them. After ten years they're ralley racers, or for those struggling kids in college in need of a reliable car and at the same time with the hope of getting laid in. And no matter what "supply and demand" holds appeal, the fact remains for hard tops as well as the car, that no one wants. They weren't popular new just as they are now. They are practical in cold weather, but also the same for Ralleys Nobody wants them for anyother reason. They are impractical as well as inconvenient Sorry, I spend much of the year overseas and by the prices I quoted in my original post(with shipping), I point out what "supply and demand" really is!
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