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Originally Posted by Fudman View Post
It sounds like the sudden deceleration (mechanical) triggered your electrical issue. I would check to make sure your battery connections and the battery tie-down is snug. If they were loose, a sudden shift in battery position could cause some itermittent electrical issues.
I had a chance to look into the issue this morning. All fuses are good, and all the connections were tight and clean, hold down was tight. I replaced the battery a year or so ago. First of all, I had low battery voltage (11.2v) due to low battery water (my bad) Kind of a pain in a wagon, but topped all the cells off with fresh distilled water (ran out half way through and had to go get a new 1/2 gallon, I've been nursing the old one for 5 or 6 years) Threw the charger on just to give the battery a chance to come up some before I hit the road. Radio worked for about 2 minutes and died again, all the other symptoms are still there. Drove for about 45 min and was wondering if I managed to take out the alternator with the low battery, but I got to my shop and checked, battery up to 12.4 volts and alternator was charging fine. Came home tonight and again the radio played for a couple of minutes before dying, oh and while it is playing the volume control does nothing, and I can't turn the radio off either. I disconnected the battery when I got home and threw the charger on again, I'll charge it all night and let the electrical system reset itself and see if I'm good in the morning.........
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