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3.0i Manual opinions

Folks, I'm looking to buy an X5 for a workhorse and some general winter banter.

As it will be a second car, mileage is limited to 4000 or so a year. Given reports of injectors, turbos etc going in the diesels, and the auto boxes in general, I'm swaying towards a 3.0i manual as they can be picked up cheap enough these days (01/02, sub 100k).

Whats the general consensis with them? Are they fairly reliable, or is there anything to look out for? I've read reports of door handles, heater matrix, parking sensors and speedo display, but these are all fairly trivial so don't bother me too much. I'm more worried about any potential expensive components which are prone to failing, or anything else in general.

Also, realistically what sort of consumption figures am I looking at? I know the book says an average of 22mpg, but if driven easily what can it reach on a run?

Cheers in advance!
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