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I picked up my X6M at PCD on Thursday and asked several people about this.

Even though our X ///M engines are similar to the new M5's and M6's, the transmissions are obviously completely different. Apparently the M automatic transmission in our cars doesn't need as much babying. There is no 1200 mile service according to techs and the manual. The car does not indicate one in the settings menu, either. That being said I am still thinking I may do an oil change around 3000 miles.

Now, there have been lots of questions (not necessarily in this thread) about our cars being ran on a dyno at the factory to the hilt, etc. I asked about this on the factory tour, as we passed by the place where this happens. It's actually not a dyno, because it does not measure horsepower or torque; however, it's otherwise a similar device. They called it a treadmill. I was told they do not run the cars to redline, they shift early, but they do run it to maximum speed of the car. So our X ///M's were ran to 155mph, apparently.

I am not 100% familiar with the gearing yet, so I am not sure what RPM's it takes to be at 155mph in 6th gear in an X6M - anyone who's tried it, let me know Suffice it to say I was told what they do at the factory doesn't constitute or replace a break-in of the engine how you will be driving it after 1200 miles - lets face it, otherwise we wouldn't have bought an ///M!

For my break-in (completed 1148 miles within 2 days of owning the car and then hit 1200 on the morning of the 4th day ) I went along with their suggestions of

- 5500 rpm max
- don't floor it (avoid "transmission kickdown mode", something I learned on another forum)
- no cruise control or constant speed
- do not exceed 100mph (I have a feeling this is for us, not the car)
- various road conditions, stop and go traffic, mountain roads, used all gears in all RPMs up to max

I did exceed 5500rpm a couple of times accelerating and neither confirm nor deny possibly having exceeded 100mph here and there As I passed the 500 mile mark I started using more heavy throttle down to 3/4 and then, nearer to 1000 miles, close to, but not quite flooring it. Since I was also driving in manual mode the whole time - because why not! - this helped avoid the kick down mode. Always linear buildup of revs in the current selected-by-me gear.

As soon as I hit 1200 miles, I opened her up gradually to 6500 RPMs in 1st and 2nd gears, then 3rd and 4th on the freeway while entering or passing for some brief moments. Holy mother of god! Let us just say that entering and merging onto a freeway is nearly as easy and quick as on my Ducati Diavel 162hp (0-60 in 2.9 seconds, some say 2.5 actually, either way, it's FAST) motorcycle! I still have not really floored it, done a proper 0-60, used launch control, or pinned it for long periods of time. I am gradually introducing some more aggressive driving as the miles tack on.

My car still doesn't feel quite as aggressive as the X6M I drove at the PCD but it's getting there. I got to stomp on that thing in 1st gear to the floor and we devoured the tiny front straight at BMWs handling course in what I could only describe as warp speed. It was unreal. Couldn't even floor it in 2nd completely or we would've been off the track! That car had just over 10,000 miles on it. The PCD guys did confirm that the M cars at the BMW Performance Driving School don't go into full duty until they're at 1200 miles.

All in all, this thing is such a beast that even during break-in there is no shortage of power in almost any gear. Passing almost anyone after a quick downshift from 5th to 4th at 80mph brought my self-defined 100mph "speed warning" chime REAL fast.

In summation, this car freaking rocks!!

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