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Dennis, thanks for your continued interest and guidance,

If I am to replace the HU as stage 1 of the complete system revamp, before I get to the speakers and amps (stage 2), then

1. Which high end double din dvd/cd unit can I pick?
2. Is there a prefab frame that can be bought or should that be custom made to fit the system?
3. How do I link up the steering controls?

Stage 2

1. Which amp would suit the above HU. Is it straight forward to replace the DSP amp? What wiring mods should one do for this?
2. Speakers are a more straight forward affair I would guess,
3. Sub too can be brought in with the selected amp I suppose.

Did I miss out anything?

Ah , yes, the OBC will now function only in the cluster and I can live with that, unless the aftermarket HU brings those benefits as well, which I doubt very much.

Cheers and thanks in advance for your support...

If your plans include a full stop shop in South of India for BMW, we can become partners. Right now all BMWs are serviced at the official BMW centres and indy's are non existent. Merc have plenty of them, BMW's are a much rarer breed.
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