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Originally Posted by dbs600 View Post
I now know (recall) why this is happening:

The order guide uses options codes that are universal across the model lineup.

Such that the 7 Ind Comp Pack is coded "ZI1" and has the leather dash, it's showing up as the same code - with the same content - for the 5 Ind Comp Pack, albeit the 5 has fewer actual features, no matter what the order guide says.

Same happened in this thread, where the package for which "power" rear sunshades was to be a part of listed the 7's rear shades as being "manual" - when they were actually alwasy "power" - because the 5 Series had the same package, but with "manual" rear shades:

If that makes any sense.
It does make a lot of sense - so most likely, they just used "copy & paste" when setting up the individual description on the F10.

Wow, that's bad - especially on a press announcement..

Originally Posted by dbs600 View Post
But looks like you're on to something! No leather dash on this auto either:
Funny - that's the exact same car I posted the picture of before. Seems that there aren't too many F10s out there with individual composition.
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