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Originally Posted by miamiboyca View Post
I don't work for a dealer but I do understand business. In the RFT scenario - a bubble develops and you bring it in to BMW. BMW swaps it and in turn send the defective tire back to the manufacturer which equal no cost to BMW. They can't do that with replacement tires, thus they won't cover it. As for driving on it - if it were to happen at a high rate of speed you would drive on it.

Although I never experienced any troubles with my last 3 sets of run flats, I am planning on replacing them with non-runflats. For me this is not so much about comfort as it is wear. My current lease is 39 months longer then the 24/36 I usually do. This means that I will have to replace the tires before I turn it back in. That being the case, I would rather replace them now with a good set of tires and then put the RFTs back on at turn in then pay for another set of RFTs.
yes, I'm sure you're the only one here that understands business... Not sure why you think that tire manufacturers warranty RF tires but not non RF tires? But I was actually speaking about coverage under the wheel and tire insurance that I purchased, so neither BMW nor the dealer is on the hook for the replacement cost as it is underwritten by a third party provider. I guess you love an argument for argument's sake because it seems funny that you are going to non RFs too.
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