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Which X3 color looks best: black or white?

I'm uncertain as to the purpose of the poll. If it is curiosity, fine. If the OP has a wager on the outcome, also fine.

I frankly don't get it, but there may well be a reason for the poll. Or there may not.

It really doesn't hurt anyone. If you don't wish to participate, don't.

I almost forgot...I have a white X3, and think that black would look nice, particularly with black leather and/or wheels.

Or is that too "pimped out Escalade?"

However, my X3's interior is mojave leather, and the car has the M-Sport package. I really don't think a black grille would blend particularly well with my car's color scheme.

It probably would go well with a black, perhaps with a red, dark blue or platinum bronze exterior...I'm sure that there are other suitable combinations.

I think that it would be best if the various combinations of paint and grille colors could be configured on line.

In any and all cases, it's not life and/or death, any more than a menu is (unless you're allergic to peanuts or whatever).

Play nice. It's not worth name-calling and hypertension.

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