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2004 x5 (Fuel System Issue)

Hi All .. I am new to this forum and it seems like a lot of issues have been resolved here. However couldnt find anything that matched whats happening to my x5... hopefully someone out here has had some experience with this.

Go outside yesterday morning (very cold in the single digits first time this year) Car cranks normally but no ignition. Having had a similar symptom with my 330xi and ended up being the fuel pump... I went to the pump on the x5 first. I disconnected the plug and wired a 12 v power supply to the pump and it started pumping. Next put a volt meter on the plug to the pump while it was unplugged. Turned the key to the first click (not all the way to engage the starter) and saw 12 V for appx 3 seconds then 0 volts. Next connected the plug again and pierced into the wires in order to get a volt reading while plug was attached to the pump. Turned the key.. same as before and 0 volts the whole time. Repeated the test again and the same results. I am baffled. Is there a possible relay that may be bad and limiting the current going to the pump?? If so where? Or maybe a bad connection somewhere.. seems that the cold weather has something to do with the problem. As this did happen previously on one other cold morning and after letting the car sit till the day warmed up it started perfectly..... uugggggggggg.. Well my hands are to cold to type anymore as I just called it a night with this car. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.
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