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Speed limited at 133 mph?

Everything I read says my 7 Series Individual is supposed to be speed limited at 149 MPH but I am actually being limited at 133 MPH (let's not talk about how I know that). Said something to dealer who said "Oh, yeah, all cars sold in the US are limited at 133, its a federal law". So I said, "You mean my 2004 911 Turbo is limited at 133 MPH?" and he said "Oh, yeah. At least it's supposed to be but not all manufacturers follow the law but at BMW we take those things very seriously." I then got a 7 series brochure and opened it to the page which said the top end was limited at 149. He said it was a typo. I directed him to the web site which says the same thing and he said he'd look into it. Today he said that there is a margin of error on the speedo so it's possible that the car was doing 149 when the speedo said it was doing 133 and that was the likely explanation. I gave up and did not explain how it's illegal in Germany for cars to travel faster than their speedo which is why all BMWs show slightly higher speeds than actual. ANYWAY, the whole thing is frustrating. What I am looking for is anyone who KNOWS where their car is limited or if it can do better than 133 (we don't need to discuss how we know that and can assume any driving was done on a private road where speed limits don't apply). Also, anyone know why my car might be limited at 133 and what to do about it? BTW, I am pretty pissed about the whole thing.
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