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Originally Posted by Maccally View Post
I currently have an e30 and an e34. I'm about to buy a used e90, but before I start seriously looking, I thought I'd come here and ask a few questions.

First off, are there any major issues with the 2007 328i's? Is there something in particular that I should be looking for, as far as something needing attention or fixing. For example, I know a lot of e34's had cooling issues. They also had the wheel wobble at 55MPH, etc, etc...

Second, what type of maintenance should I expect on one of these cars? Being that they're about 6-7 years old now. Is it going to be ridiculous, or are they pretty solid, even when they start nearing the 100k mark?

I test drove my first e90 yesterday and was immediately in love with it. It was a 328i, not even a 335i. I'm looking for something in the 2006-2008 range, so keep that in mind. Thanks in advance for your help!
I recently bought my 2007 328i, and I can see how you were immediately in love with it. When I test drove mine at the dealership, it was basically love at first drive! Mine had 79,500 miles on it at purchase, and I paid 15k before taxes. They wanted 17,500 after taxes, but I was able to negotiate and get them to knock a grand off the base price for minor hail damage on the hood and just the simple fact that it had higher mileage on it than you'd expect of a driver who typically averaged 15,000 miles a year. As far as maintenance, I haven't had any major issues at all mechanically. I recently got my front bumper repaired because I cracked it on a curb when backing out of a parking lot (my fault, obviously, and I still am haunted by the day it happened ) and the maintenance was a bit pricey for them to remove the bumper, repair the crack, and re-paint it ($700), but it would have been more if I'd gotten a brand new bumper... but those kinds of prices are expected when owning a BMW, so I couldn't really gripe about it for too long. Anyway, I have no knowledge of typical issues with the E90, and from what I hear from other owners they are very reliable even when the mileage is up there. I'm sure there are a few minor issues here and there though, that other posters have already described. Just wanted to throw my two cents in since I'm a proud 2007 328i owner who loves this car. Good luck with your purchase, and if you go forward with it, you're not going to regret it.

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