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Originally Posted by woodswatchco View Post
After taking delivery of my estoril blue beauty, I've officially decided that the Msport line is the front end and rear bumper that all F30s should have.

You are where I was with the E90 a few years back. The E90 had a feminine front end and needed that M-Sport toughness to make the car look aggressive.

Flash forward to today, different story.

The F30 has a new, mean, low-slung, menacing look. The F30 M-Sport looks like the E90 LCI with it's swoopy-jaw that runs from under the headlights and down to the lower air intake. Additionally, the F30 M-Sport is a near-clone of the E90 M-Sport especially by the lower fascia with identical intakes and lower grill, the same open-mouth-smile face too. Take a look at the top left and bottom right images, jump back and forth, you'll see what I mean.

- The F30 M-Sport isn't necessary because the F30 looks aggressive enough already, solves the problem that the feminine E90 had.

- The F30 M-Sport looks so close to a mix of the E90 LCI and the E90 M-Sport that it doesn't look like a new car; it looks like the old car.


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