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I had to tease BJ a little. I agree. All the F30 front ends are awesome. The M sport front end is new to me. This is my first BMW. It funny. a lot of people say they don't like how the grill sticks out and the front hood line. That is what I like best! I liked it so much, I left Audi for my F30. That and the extra horsepower. Also, the amazing 8sp auto transmission. Even though I ended up getting the manual. It pissed me off that if I did want an automatic transmission in an A4, I'd have to get the "prestige trim" to get the Audi 8 speed auto. About $48k? What a joke. Especially for a car that still has 205hp.

Originally Posted by boltjaM3s View Post

You are where I was with the E90 a few years back. The E90 had a feminine front end and needed that M-Sport toughness to make the car look aggressive.

Flash forward to today, different story.

The F30 has a new, mean, low-slung, menacing look. The F30 M-Sport looks like the E90 LCI with it's swoopy-jaw that runs from under the headlights and down to the lower air intake. Additionally, the F30 M-Sport is a near-clone of the E90 M-Sport especially by the lower fascia with identical intakes and lower grill, the same open-mouth-smile face too. Take a look at the top left and bottom right images, jump back and forth, you'll see what I mean.

- The F30 M-Sport isn't necessary because the F30 looks aggressive enough already, solves the problem that the feminine E90 had.

- The F30 M-Sport looks so close to a mix of the E90 LCI and the E90 M-Sport that it doesn't look like a new car; it looks like the old car.

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