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GUNZ!! I loves me some guns

I shall contribute productively.

I have a 1911 Springfield, complete with competition package and such. Load my own rounds for this, and at my prime I could draw and shoot accurately with this badboy in 1.36 seconds, with shot-reload-shoot times in the sub 2 second category. Almost didnt buy this one actually, I was eying up a nice Kimber tactical that Sportsman's had for 1200. Then this came along BNIB for 750.... I couldn't say no.

AK74. Got this sucker for 400 bucks right before the 08 elections, along with 4k rounds of sealed military ammo. This thing is awesome, once the bolt had rusted shut from not using it. I used a doorjamb to get it open, cleaned out the rust, oiled and it shot perfect.

AR15, modded like baucsaus, because AR15.

AGlock 34, surprise christmas present. I'm not much for glocks, dont really like the feel, but I sure like the way it shoots (dead on)

Benelli M3 Super 90, complete with German military stamps, and stamped by H&K. Im itching to get a USP 45 in stainless, now that I mention HK...

And my latest, an HK MP5.... in 22

Has anyone shot IPSC/USPSA?
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