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Originally Posted by brewder View Post

I have an E92 and the wife an E83. Both have the N52 engine (N52B30 to be exact)....but each is tuned slightly different.

My E92 has a rated 230 HP while the E83 is rated at 260 HP IIRC...

Having both in my garage, I can say the E83 is very much more responsive.. Not much more powerful, but definitely more throttle responsiveness. That implies (at least to me) that there is a way to "tune" the E92?? Maybe this is what installing a JB would give me??

From a Wiki I also saw the statement below which may explain it straight away:

*output changes result from the omission of the variable resonance system, dual plenum intake runner system, and the variable back pressure muffler.

Any other thoughts for me to brew on?

Like government health care, there's little you can do.

The N52 is engineered within narrow constraints, and without very high expense, not much more output is available. At issue are emissions and fuel economy regulations.

N54 has the ability to vary intake gas pressure, therefore power - that's where you'll find better power, and if staying within EPA requirements, not a lot to do beyond varying boost. Note that advance is automatically adjusted in software - higher octane fuel has its effect but is not a tune. Though maps may be modified to accommodate higher than expected octane, they're an extension of BMW's maps. If complying with law.

Word to the wise: Non-compliance is risky - owners have been cited for emissions system modification, a criminal offense.
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