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Originally Posted by Edgy36-39 View Post
If I've got this device, and tune it to a specific FM channel, will an incoming call interrupt the music and play over the speakers?
This device is like a mini FM radio station broadcasting inside your car. You tune your radio to it in order to listen to it, just like any other radio station. So it does not interrupt music playing from some other source. If you're listening to music from your phone over this device on your radio, and you receive a call, your phone will stop the music it is playing and you can answer the call.

And what do you mean exactly by an open FM station, just a station on my local dial that has no signal?
I mean a frequency on which no other radio station is broadcasting. (For example, in my area several of the 88.x/89.x frequencies are mostly "unoccupied", and are what I use.) If a radio station is broadcasting on the same frequency as this device, chances are that the radio station signal is more powerful and overpowers the signal from this device, and all you'll hear is the sound from the radio station instead of the sound from your phone.

Sorry if these questions sound newbie, never really explored this before and trying to understand the pros and cons. Nice to be able to ask a current user. The text in the Amazon ad wasn't so clear to me.
No problem glad to help.

Trying to think of how to explain this clearly, i keep fumbling So bear with me.

There are lots of solutions out there that can connect to an iPod/iPhone (with a cable) and then broadcast the audio over a FM frequency so that you can tune your radio to it. It's especially useful for cars where there's no aux in of any type to connect your iPod/iPhone to.

This solution takes it a step further, and instead of having to use a cable to connect to your phone, it uses Bluetooth. It's basically a wireless external speakerphone, which also is capable of transmitting the audio over FM so that you can play it over your radio.

The way it works is phone audio -> Bluetooth -> this thing -> FM frequency -> your car's radio.

Think of this similar to using a headphone with your phone. You can listen to music played by your phone that way, and if a call comes in, your phone should stop the music and you can answer the call etc. Now by using this instead of using a headphone, it is basically broadcasting your phone's audio as a mini FM station (of which you can select the frequency) so that you can tune to it with your radio and listen to your phone's audio output that way.

So if you already have an iPod integration, this will probably not work together? You have to have your radio tuned to this device's FM frequency in order to be able to hear the audio.

This is how i use it:

My phone and this device are 'paired', meaning they will connect to each other automatically when they can. When I get into the car I typically need to press the big button on this device to wake it up from stand-by, and it'll connect to my phone. Then i'll push another button on the device to activate the FM broadcast. My radio is typically already tuned to the device's frequency, so from then on i'll hear over the car radio whatever my phone is playing. Then i start up my podcast player on the phone and hit play, and i hear the podcast audio over my car radio.

If somebody now calls me, my phone will stop the podcast, and i can hit the big button on this device to answer the phone call. The phone call audio (the other side's voice) will be played over the radio (it's still broadcasting the audio like a radio station), while this device's microphone will record my voice and send it back to the phone. So i can have a hands-free conversation this way. When the phone call ends, the podcast resumes.

If i want to make a call, i just use the phone's screen to find & dial the number, or I can even use voice commands to tell it to dial so-and-so. The phone will stop the podcast, and i will hear the other side's phone ringing over my car's speakers, and when they answer, it's the same thing again - i hear them over the radio, my voice is recorded through this device's microphones, and when the phone call ends, my podcast audio resumes.

When i use Google Navigation on my phone to help me get to some destination, whenever it has an announcement to make (turn right in a quarter mile onto so-and-so street), it'll stop the podcast audio briefly, say what it needs to say, then resumes the podcast audio.

I hope this explains it If not, ask away.

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