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Originally Posted by vanceBMW View Post
Qsilver wrote in a post 5 reasons that your ECM makes the pusher (aux) fan run. He was the only one who clarified all possible problems that could cause an aux fan to run when it shouldn't. He also attached a great diagram along with his explanation. I tried PM'ing him but its been a couple days now and I need help to resolve this problem. Here is my story, my aux fan was running one morning when I woke up. Yes, the car had be sitting in my garage overnight and I heard the fan running at full speed and then stopped. Since, it runs when driving with the ac off and sometimes it runs long after the car has been shut off. I know that the fan could run up to minutes after the car has been turned off, but thats not my major problem. I haven't read anyone post on these forums with type of issue, 95% of aux fan problems is that they don't run. I replaced this pusher (aux) fan about a year ago, and yes I didn't buy the high dollar one, but the $150 unit. I regret that now. So, before I go replacing this damn thing again, I was wondering if someone could give me some troubleshooting tips to determine if its the aux fan or a sensor, switch, or ECM. I am electrician by trade and have troubleshot a lot. I do most repairs myself if all possible. I would appreciate any insight anyone has when the fan runs with the car off. 2003 530i engine M54
did you solve this mystery? Mine started running on its own while I've been at work today. Someone came and told me my engine was making strange noise and I walked out to fan running full speed. I unplugged battery till I could do research. After lunch I plugged battery up and fan didn't switch on, So then I cranked car for a minute and fan kicked on immediately. As soon as it did I cut off engine and fan stayed on.
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